Sunday 3 February 2013

Kentmere and Garburn Pass

Below Staveley Head Fell  looking towards the Kentmere Horseshoe
A solo ride on the mountain bike, having parked at Staveley I rode up the well graded road to Park House farm. The bridleway starts here to go over to Longsleddle, but my route branched off here to contour along the east side of Kentmere before descending to Long Houses.
Above Long Houses in Kentmere
Garburn and Yoke
A short stretch of tarmac past Kentmere church led me on to the main ascent of the day, Garburn Pass. The sun made a very brief appearance as I rode, but mainly pushed up the pass. As I neared the summit there was ice on the path, I was hot but clearly the actual temperature was rather lower! The wind across the exposed top was strong enough to make riding difficult.
The windswept summit of Garburn Pass
The track was suffering from the recent frosts turning what should have been firm going into very stiff porridge. The very wet spell we've had has also left its mark, the track had become very washed out. Large sections unrideable (by me anyway!) once down at Applethwaite quarry the old road improves and I was able to make better progress.
The head of Troutbeck from Applethwaite quarry
Down the Dubbs road was easy going, and turning left along Moorhowe Road on the tarmac once more for a mile or so until the bridleway to High House led to the final offroad for the day. The easy tracks in Kentmere Psrk brought me down to Ullthwaite Bridge.
The bridleway descending to the valley from Kentmere Park
All that remained was to ride down Kentmere to the car. I'd only seen 1 mountainbiker, 1 fellrunner and 2 walkers, on a mild Sunday...great suits me!


  1. That looks a good ride. Must get up to the Lakes soon. I'd planned to take the bike out today but when I saw the angle of the trees this morning decided to go for a walk instead!

  2. Hi Tony,
    Hope you enjoyed the walk.
    It was hellish windy on the top, after the gate I struggled to get going into the wind slightly uphill! It's a good route, a bit washed out recently, so a bit more hike-a-bike! Still when you're walking it gives you chance to look at the scenery.
    The RSF are doing pretty much this route on Sun 24th March, you'd be more the welcome to join us. More details here

  3. Hi Al
    Just found your blog ... love your stories and pics. And many thanks for adding my blog to your list.

  4. Hi Pauline
    Glad you like the blog....It's just my digital diary I suppose. But why not share it!
    Thanks again