Sunday, 8 July 2012

Mountainbiking in Kentmere

A humid ride on the bridleways of Kentmere and Longsleddle. Due to an abundance of sport on the box the tracks and lanes were very quiet, ideal. My route comprised Elfhowe, High House, and Blackbeck (south of Skeggles Water), this brought me down into Longsleddle. The road up the valley to Sadgill, then Stile End which was extremely washed out after the recent rainstorms took me back over to Kentmere. Then Low Lane and a bit more tarmac to Kentmere Hall before the last climb of the day up to Kentmere Park and the descent to Ullthwaite Bridge. There only remained the easy ride back down the valley to the car. The forecast was wrong (again) and it managed to stay dry.
The head of Longsleddle from Blackbeck
The head of Kentmere from Stile End

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