Thursday, 26 July 2012

Carn an Fhidhleir and An Sgarsoch

Today's hills are not the most interesting hills in Scotland, but they are definitely remote. My day started at Linn of Dee, I used the folding bike again to gain access to the foot of the these two Munro's. The gravel track to White Bridge has a good surface and allows for rapid progress, from White bridge to the Geldie Burn is still rideable but a bit more care is required. From the "Red House" to Geldie Lodge was an unknown quantity to me but most of the track was ok even on the folder.
Folder at the Geldie Burn
I didn't bother to take the bike across the Geldie Burn, and managed to cross dryshod with a bit of athletic boulder hopping. The old bulldozed path has been "landscaped" to good effect, its a little torturous as it meanders across the northern slopes of Scarsoch Bheag. At the obvious right turn of the path I carried straight on and basically made a beeline for the summit of Carn an Fhidhleir. There was here and there a thin path, but mainly it was bog and heather until the steeper grassy slopes under the top. The mist was coming and going in the strong wind, from the summit cairn the view to the north was just about there the Eidart and upper Glen Feshie visible.
North from Carn an Fhidhleir
I followed the southeast ridge for about 1km before dropping steeply down to the peathagged col. There was no sign of a path heading up the ridge to An Sgarsoch, so a bit of heather bashing was needed to gain the upper slopes. The angle isn't steep and before long the summit cairn/windshelter came into view. I stopped for a snack in the lee of the cairn and waited for the mist to clear to get a photo.
Carn an Fhidhleir from An Sgarsoch
The mist came back down so I left the summit on a heading of due North, aiming to skirt the hump of Sgarsoch Bheag. The going was pathless but actually not that bad and eventually I picked up the meandering path again. I passed the sad remains of Geldie Lodge once more and crossed the Geldie Burn to pick up the bike. The track seemed a lot easier on the way back, but then it was more or less all downhill! These two hills are indeed very remote, the silence had been deafening, but wonderful, 2 useful ticks on the list.


  1. Great read did them last yr as back pack with one just south ish of red shed forget name now.see your in south lakes too .cud maybe share fuel costs sometime if you like .dear job heading north these days ..peter munro277 on twitter

  2. Yea I had a good few days. Glad you enjoyed the blog, just my digital diary really! I'm in Holme near junc 36. Fuel costs can be a killer, I often walk with Ian Wood who you might follow on Twitter. Could always try and sort a trip out. Does the 277 mean you've only 8or9 left to do?
    Struggling this year now after a fortnight cycle-touring and a week in Scotland nearly all my playtime is used up!!