Friday, 6 April 2012

High Cup Nick Backpack

I parked in Middleton-in-Teesdale, and followed the Pennine Way up to High Cup Nick. I camped on the rim of the Nick, arriving just as the sun was setting
The fountain in

Low Force

High Force from the "free side"!

Cauldron Snout

South rim of High Cup Nick
Laser-Lite at the head of High Cup Nick

This morning after a wet night I walked back over the watershed and took the metalled road past Cow Green to Langdon Beck. Henceforth field paths via Ettergill, then back across the River Tees at Low Force and followed the west bank back to the car in Middleton-in-Teesdale. The wind blew and the cloud was down hence no photo's of note for today. The late fall of snow had made for slow going, especially crossing stiles where the snow was often level with the wall tops. Although I have walked all of this route in sections, it was a long held ambition to do it as one walk, and it didn't disappoint.


  1. Views like that and weather like that I agree it did not disappoint. Superb spot to camp.

  2. I've been blown off my feet on the lip of High Cup quite a few times.
    What a splendid stroll.

  3. Thursday's weather was truly superb. High Cup is good from the west, but arriving from the east it's great. Logistics have meant that this is the first of many visits that i've managed to walk in from the east. Friday's weather was a complete contrast, cold, overcast and rather uninspiring.
    I'd thought of camping there for a long time, I am usually only able to get 1 day off at a time, so the good weather was grabbed with both hands!

  4. Yep, can get a bit windy just there Alan! The crossing from Birkdale Farm to the Nick has been rather civilised since my first visit over 30 years ago. Best part of the "Pennine Way"?