Monday 9 April 2012


Bridge at the junction of the Glasson Arm
Galgate is a large village just south of Lancaster, adjacent to the M6. Its interest for us was the Lancaster Canal, and in particular the branch to Glasson Dock. This gave access to the sea for goods from the towns and city of Lancaster. Sadly we didn't see any of this to great advantage due to the incessant rain which varied from tipping it down to heavy drizzle which wets everything all the same! Lunch was taken under one of the canal bridges, which would have done any F1 team proud as a wind tunnel. Only one boat was seen to be moving, most folk probably had more sense.
Quite a lot of wild fowl was seen however, Moorhen, Coots, Goosander, several pairs of Mallards and 2 pairs of Swans, one of whom was sat on her nest.

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