Thursday, 8 March 2012

Silver How

Summit cairn on Silver How

Silver How is always a pleasing little hill, not to demanding but possessed of lots of nooks and crannies. I climbed it today from Chapel Stile, using the path beside Walthwaite Gill to reach the ridge before crossing over to the summit via lots of humps and bumps. I lunched beside the cairn with Grasmere and Rydal Water forming the foreground to the view. Behind were the Langdale Pikes, which lunch consumed I headed towards. At the group of reedy tarns I traversed downwards, eventually the ground steepens and I reached the valley road at Harry Place Farm. I wanted to have a look at the rock-art on the "Langdale Boulders," only rediscovered in 1999! The road was very quiet today as I ambled back to the car. The weather had behaved its self only raining once I got back.
Langdale Pikes from the "Reedy Tarns"


  1. Its a long time since i was up there. I must check out the Boulders next time. I will put it on me list!

  2. Worth looking at Alan, only a few yards from the road. The "Art" takes some spotting at first but once you get your eye in........ There is an info board now!

  3. Did you create this video on YouTube Alan?