Sunday 4 March 2012

Monk Coniston from Yewdale

Upper Yewdale

Wetherlam and Tilbirthwaite
A day of sunshine and heavy showers, having parked at Shepherds Bridge near the junction of Tilbirthwaite and Yewdale. South on the "multi-use" path was our route, crossing the road and taking the bridleway to pass Low Yewdale farm. This track takes you over to Monk Coniston and its collection of trees from all over the world. A bit confusing as regards access, although we didn't bother to much about that. Some is "HF", some Nat Trust and some "right of way." We ate our butties in the renovated kitchen garden then walked up towards Tarn Howes before branching left to Tarn Howes Cottage and dropping back down into Yewdale and returning to the car. The views between the showers were great the hills showing a covering of snow on the highest tops.
Pot of gold......?

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