Sunday 14 August 2011

BMW West Highland Tour Day 1

Rainbow at Inveraray
Been a while since I've posted, the motorbike has required a new clutch, and bevel bearing! So valuable days off have been spent to and from Croston to the motorbike repairman. All this work meant I had to firstly pospone a weeks holiday and then organise something at short notice. I booked a selection of SYHA with options between each depending on the weather. Leaving home on Sunday I rode up to Inveraray trying to avoid as much M6/M74 as possible. Once through Glasgow I followed the coast via Helensburgh, and a short detour to Kilcreggan. There had been a few heavy showers in fact the photo sums up the weather


  1. Great Rainbow mate and cool blogs cheers.

  2. Thanks for that, I saw quite a few rainbows over the 5 days. The weather was like that!