Thursday, 3 March 2011

Ward Stone

Another day out with "Marilyn"! Ward Stone was the closest unclimbed Marilyn until today, my last effort at an ascent was over 20 years ago, when I was beaten back by the weather. I can't quite understand why its taken so long to go back. Anyway I parked near Tarnbrook and walked through the farm buildings to a gate which had many "no" signs fastened to it, the excellent track, maintained no doubt for the shooters made for an easy ascent onto the plateau. There is in theory a rock or cairn called the "cat and kittens" although nothing i could find answered the description.
The trig was in view from here, this according to the map is the lower of the 2 trig points, from my memory not many hills have 2 trigs. I turned to the east and crossed the flat terrain to the second column, higher by 1 metre in theory, it looked and felt lower than the other. To make the walk into a circuit I followed the ridge round for about 2 miles until the old permissive path was reached, which I followed all the way back to Tarnbrook. The weather had been great, the sun warm and the wind light. Unfortunately the haze had reduced the views to only about 5 miles.

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