Sunday, 6 February 2011

Wild Ride to Arnside

After almost 24 hours of rain, I managed to get out for a ride on the old Ribble pushbike. Its my winter hack, a good job, the lanes had many floods and were strewn with debris from the trees due to the high wind. My route led south into the wind through Burton-in-Kendal, across to Yealand and into Silverdale. The wind off the sea was terrific, it made it difficult to hold a straight course, luckily the roads were quiet. As I climbed over the shoulder of Arnside Knott the wind was behind me, it was like the climb didn't exist.
Down the hill to the promenade in Arnside and out onto the Pier to take a quick photo (a bit blurred due to the wind I'm afraid). I didn't linger, north with the wind behind me I flew along to Sandside, and turned off over the minor road to Beetham. The River Bela had burst its banks, the final few lanes were a bit sheltered, just as well as the rain was coming down again. A good dose of fresh air, any cobwebs well and truly blown away.

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