Saturday 2 January 2021

Farleton Knott in the Snow

Another walk from home (Holme) here in Cumbria as in most of the UK, we are in Tier 4 due to Covid19. This requires us to travel as little as possible, although we can travel a short distance by car for exercise. I'm lucky to have Farleton Knott as my local hill, the summit is only 1500 metres or so from my front door (as the Crow Flies). My planned route today changed as the snow fell just as I was about to ascend the steep Western "face" was still an enjoyable few hours..... 

Should you wish to see the video "full screen" please click this link.


  1. Very nice. Just a question. On your 1st vid I was able to go full screen. The last 2, when I click to go full screen a message says full screen not available on this video. Do you think it’s your settings or mine?

    1. Hi Alan, I think its my settings...inadvertently! I am working to correct's all new to me!!
      Thanks for pointing it out to me

    2. Hello again Alan...nothings straightforward is it? Anyway I've put a separate link in each post above the "picture".
      Its a work round until I can fathom how I did the the 1st one!
      Thanks again for pointing the problem out