Friday 25 December 2020

Whitbarrow Christmas Day Walk 2020

 A Merry Christmas to all....rather than photos today I have made a short video of todays amble. This is an early effort as I try and get to grips with this new fangled moving picture malarkey! Hopefully not to boring, here we are:-


  1. Well done. That’s really good. What did you take it with?

    1. I think you're being kind Alan...that one was taken with a Lumix GX85 with a 12-32mm lens. Micro Four Thirds so equiv to 24-64 in 35mm terms.
      Quite a lot of faff, and best done when on ones own I think!
      Thanks Alan
      All the best for 2021

  2. I can imagine all the faffing. Don’t under estimate what you’ve done. It’s not that easy. I thought it might be a go pro. I fancy one but they are beyond my budget.

  3. Nice video Alan, if you going down video route have look at Magix photo story at where you play around video and photos in the software but it also as gpx feature where you can show route of your walk. Hoping get over the Lancashire and Cumbria border to do some cycling and walking in 2021.