Wednesday, 5 June 2019

A Wet Walk from Mardale Head

The forecast said breezy and an odd shower mainly in the West....I know I thought I'll go to Mardal Head and do a bit of a loop round the tops. Driving up the M6 it looked a bit dark over the Shap Fells and looked bright over towards Cross Fell, but I didn't have a map with me for there.
Arriving at Mardale Head the cloud was well down and the rain was being driven in on a stiff wind. I sat in the car for almost'll ease off I kept thinking....

Yep, it really was this dull...and wet!

Lots of water about...the sheeting rain intensified from this point On up to Nan Bield....

...and onto Mardale Ill Bell. It stopped raining for a bit, so I snatched this photo. Looming out of the mist there's another person. he must have been as mad as me!

It was only 20mins or so to High was raining again. I didn't hang about, and with the wind behind me off I jogged to find the top of Long Stile.

As I descended Long Stile the rain eased...the wind was a lot stronger though I expected that.

Rather than go over Rough Crag I dropped down to Blea Water and followed Blea Water Beck back towards Haweswater and ultimately the car.
It was raining again as I got back, rather a wet day...still enjoyed it tho'...must be mad!


  1. Yep. Mad. I’d of stayed in the cafe at Shap.