Wednesday 17 January 2018


A really wild walk today, it was forecast! Today's walk completed my revisiting of the "Three Peaks"....which I started with Whernside in November. I like Pen-y Ghent the most of the three, I'm pretty sure its the one I'll have climbed most often. I'd thought when I st off that I might include Plover Hill but the terrific wind made me change my mind!

I set off up to Brackenbottom on the trade route. As you can see the snow was down to was thawing though at this level.

Looking South from Brackenbottom Scar the sky seemed to be a little lighter.

Sure enough the sun caught the top of the South ridge, I could also see that the wind was picking up the snow/spindrift and throwing it high into the would be a wild clamber!

True enough it was incredibly windy on the ridge and here on the summit....I had to kneel down to get a half decent image. Plover Hill would wait for another day I decided, and headed off Northwest into the teeth of the gale...and a vicious hail shower.

Back down the Pennine Way I paused to look back to see the top once more catching an another snow shower.

Slightly off route is Hull Pot, no stream pouring in today (frozen!). Its only a couple of hundred metres there and back, well worth it.
From here it was down the walled lane/Pennine Way to Horton, the snow was thawing quickly lower down....perhaps it'll be topped up tonight? 

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