Sunday 25 September 2016

Black Fell from Oxen Fell

It's been a while since I posted here. I've had a difficult couple of months, and although I haven't been posting I've been out on the bike and walking a bit.
Today I had a short solo walk up a favourite Wainwright....Black Fell. It was mainly dry just one or two heavy showers, the views as always from here were great.
Here's a couple of photos.....

Holme Fell, Wetherlam beyond

High Arnside Tarn, quiet as always

Sunlight on Lingmoor Fell from the summit of Black Fell

North from the summit of Black Fell, Fairfield in the centre distance.


  1. I thought "where the hell is Black Fell" I have done all the Wainwrights so I must have done it. I checked on Google and I still didn't remember doing it. Then I checked the book and the date was 24th Sept. 1969. What a coincidence.
    I still don't remember it though.

    1. Now that is a coincidence Alan....spooky!