Wednesday 2 September 2015

Bikepack...A Circuit of Coniston Water

As so often with my rides and walks I left home with no fixed plan, other than I knew I was heading for the Lakes with a bike and bikepacking gear! These trips seem to produce some of the best one else to consider, just go where I selfish and indulgent!!

Once beyond Windermere the rain started...But we don't melt!
I parked at Waterhead and headed up the bridleway over Loughrigg, the rain eased...things looked good.

A plan formed as I rode along the permissive bridleway round Loughrigg tarn. I would head towards Coniston and the Walna Scar Road and find a wild camp.

More tracks led into Little Langdale, I took the bridge rather than the ford :-)

The evening was improving as I carried on through Coniston, and pushed the steep road past the old station onto the open fell.

There wasn't much light left as I dropped off the Walna Scar Road and found a good flat spot close to the disused quarries above Tranearth. I'd brought the Deschutes Tarp expecting a wet night.

But it was dry all night as far as I could tell! The dawn brought good views I seemed to take an age to get organised.

Tarp and bike...quite how all that stuff fits in two small bags I'm not quite sure....approx 25litres in total?

I decided a circuit of Coniston Water would be a good idea so headed South beside a flat calm lake.

From Nibthwaite its a fair old drag up the Parkamoor track, the views across the lake to the Coniston fells meant lots of stops to take them in...the rests were welcome as well!

I left the main track to pass through the old farmstead of Parkamoor.

Beyond there the eastern Fells filled the horizon. Shortly after this you enter Grizedale Forest, there's some good singletrack on that stretch, although getting a little overgrown. 

I left Grizedale Forest by the bridleway down past walker Ground which brings you right into the centre of Hawkshead.

A short stretch of tarmac to Outgate and then bridleway and recently improved multi-use track took me all the way back to Clappersgate. Just a mile or so from the car at Waterhead.
I had to be back home for lunchtime...I'd not even been out for seemed like ages tho!
A grand wee trip! 


  1. As usual another good route. Bikes do have that advantage of covering more and varied ground. I like the tarp, must admit that i hadn’t come across that one. Its not too dissimilar shape wise to Colin’s Tramplite. Even in CF version the price is very good. Nice find.

  2. Hi was a twitter "conversation" with Colin that put me onto it after seeing his shelter on TGO2014 I imported it from USA at some available in UK at a much better price!
    Overall very pleased with it tho :-)

  3. Looks a really brilliant route. I know some of it & that's some lovely cycling, though I've not done it loaded up.
    It is a nice looking camp set up. I'm venturing into the world of hammocking - kind of opens some options up, although I dont expect it to be any more practical or light weight than camping when you take into account midge nets, taprs & underblankets. But the test sleeps have been very comfortable.

    1. Hi Georgie...Yes your right its a superb area for a bit of rough stuff/ mountain biking.
      Hammock camping, now there's something I've never tried! I'm guessing you've got to look for a suitable spot with trees?

  4. Yes i see it. And 205gr for the CF version. Amazing.

    1. They aren't catenary cut Alan, so not as strong as Colins shelter. No rear seam either..but its more than good enough for me :-))