Saturday 8 August 2015

Fatbike on the Canal and Coast

It was to good an evening to miss...I had promised myself a rest!! It had been a long day at work and the forecast for tomorrow is grim. So a mainly "offroad" ride as everywhere is relatively dry for this evening......

Only 100m away from home and I'm beside the Lancaster lucky am I!

South along the canal tonight, heading towards Carnforth and Lancaster

Fat Bike beside one of the milestones, Farleton Knott in the background

Rather overgrown here near Cinderbarrow

These lock gates have been preserved as you descend  towards Tewitfeild

Lots of narrowboats at Carnforth, I was running out of time so headed for the coast and the return leg

The River Keer as it enters Morecambe Bay

I took a shortcut beside Haweswater on the permitted bridleways, the light was fading fast as the front arrived from the West.
From here it was back on quiet lanes, not a bad ride considering I was going to have a rest!! 


  1. Good stuff Al, was the milestone like that before you lent the bid against it? ;-)

    1. Nice one Matt :-) .....Actually it was me leaning against it that did the damage! :-))