Thursday 23 July 2015

Hoff Beck...From Drybeck

P. was feeling very poorly today, but insisted on going for a walk...."the fresh air will do me good". So a suitably easy stroll round the environs of Drybeck and Hoff Beck was undertaken...and very  nice it was to!

They take a pride in their seats hereabouts, it commemorates the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth

After some quiet lanes we took the path down to Hoff Beck, part of "The Dales Highway"

Hoff Beck was almost a "drybeck" as well, but many of the pools contained some quite large trout.

Eventually as you walk upstream you reach Rutter Force, and old mill. Up until a few years ago there was a Tearoom here, alas no more :-(

Beyond the mill the meadows beside the river were full of wild flowers, this orchid being one of them

Almost back at the car and these two horses were very grateful for a handful or two of grass.
Only a short walk but really rather nice.


  1. Cheers David, I like that area and Asby/Crosby Garrett Scars both walking and cycling.