Wednesday 22 April 2015

An Evening Ride up Farleton Knott...A Little Bit Cheeky :-)

Farleton Knott dominates the view from my home, just a couple of fields and a road away! This evening rather than bash a few miles out on the roadbike I had a ride up on the fat bike...and very ice it was too!

The bridleway leaves the road, passes through Holme Field farm and enters the open fell here.

The National Trust have encouraged the grazing of hardy coo's on the fell, Belted Galloways at the moment.

From the high point of the bridleway I took one of the old tracks built to remove the limestone pavement.
Here the distant view is filled by Ingleborough and Whernside.

To the North the Howgills and round to the Barbon Fells.

Here on the summit of Farleton Knott the Lakes Fells are seen, a bit hazy this evening sadly.

And here South West towards Morecambe Bay 


  1. Stunning views, Al. I also went for an evening blast, but this time on the road bike. I was also looking at Ingleborough, but from the other side *wave*

    1. It was a lovely evening, you've got to make the best of them:-)
      My day off tomorrow, and prob the last of the good weather looking at the forecast.
      Try and get out again tomoz is my advice!

    2. Hoping to do some walking today, although I had a poor night's sleep so I do feel like snoozing with Frank, but dont want to miss the sunshine. Got a busy weekend of cycling anyway; cycling to a meeting regardinng getting a viaduct reopened to finish a cycle route (very obstructive landowner who got it closed during foot & mouth, but it would be a very very useful stretch of greenway for commuters and very scenic too); cycling to a pub gig saturday night and its the club ride I@m leading on Sunday.

      Hope you've enjoyed your day off!!

    3. Crikey you're going to be busy! I feel tired just reading about your plans. Enjoy the club ride on Sunday.

  2. Lovely place - hope to be there this weekend when visiting pals in Hutton Roof.

    1. It is Ian, both Farleton Knott and Hutton Roof Crags.
      Enjoy your stay there over the weekend.