Saturday 27 December 2014

A Snowy Kentmere Horseshoe

Always a great walk, and very easy for me to access. I could see there was a bit of snow down from home, but I was surprised by quite how much there actually was. Anyway on with the piccies (I'm afraid there are rather a lot of them!)........

I reached the snowline just below the summit of Garburn Pass.

The Coniston fells seemed to have more snow on them, perhaps I'd come to the wrong area?

I'd made good progess from Kentmere, I was on the top of Yoke in just about an hour. Ill Bell beckoned me on.

Another overly wide path (IMHO) as I start the climb to Ill Bell.

There was a snowperson in residence on the summit of Ill Bell, the views back to the South showed a great contrast to the snow covered fells.

The next top Froswick, with the sun catching the flanks of Thornthwaite Crag beyond.

Looking back to Ill Bell, Kentmere looking very green!

As I started to climb up to Thornthwaite Crag the light just looked great. Wansfell has a dusting of snow, but Troutbeck Tongue has missed out!

I sat in the sun here beneath the beacon for a snack, before heading off into the murk on High Street. I thought it might clear....

And it did for a short time I captured this photo in one of the clearance's. looking West to the airfield and Helvellyn hills.

It's downhill almost all the way to Mardale Ill Bell, from here I could see down to Nan Bield and the ridge up to Harter Fell.

From Nan Bield to Harter Fell I was enveloped in a snow shower, visibility was poor although it was starting to clear from the North at this point.

As reached the dip before Kentmere Pike the snow shower had passed and the sun was making a re-appearance.

The wall leads the way onward.... Kentmere Pike. Years ago there was no stile to access the Trig I remember. 

On my way to Shipman Knotts I made the detour to Goat Crag, an excellent viewpoint for Longsleddle.

It's also gives an unusual view of Shipman Knotts

Shipman Knotts, the last nail in this side of the "Horseshoe" The light still really special.

After descending to the Stile End track I just had to cross the valley back to the car at Kentmere Church.


  1. Great images Al. Seasons greetings BTW.

    1. Thanks very much Alan...and All the Best to you and yours!

  2. A fine route Al. The dark sky and snow make for some fine well as the skill of the photographer of course.

    1. Thanks Paul, and thanks for persevering!
      The light was great...generally poor light=poor photies!
      It's always a grand walk, in either direction.