Thursday 27 February 2014

Lancaster Canal & Wyre Wander

An easy and more importantly flat wander...the other member of the party is to have 2 knee op's in approx 12 weeks, a daunting prospect indeed. We had a great day...just so good to stroll along in the sun, it almost felt like spring.

A typical scene on this stretch of the Lancaster Canal.
 Blue Sky!!

These concrete blocks are just South of Nateby Hall, adjacent to the canal.
There a bit of a mystery...are they the remnants of a World War 2 defence? Does anyone know?

Lots of boats on the canal at Garstang

The Wyre Aquaduct just South of Garstang

This sculpture is in the Millenium Green Park.......Go on give us' a Big Hand!!


  1. When I've seen concrete blocks like that in the past, they used to carry a pipe of some sort. but that doesn't seem to fit to that picture to well. only a suggestion though

  2. That thought had crossed my mind Ian, but theres no obvious fixing on the top of them. There is actually a block on the towpath....yet nothing beyond in either direction! Strange.

  3. They look like WWII tank blocks. Is there a bridge over the canal nearby? The East Lothian coast is covered in them and there are still the occasional old defences at natural choke points where the invading bosch would have had to slow down under the withering fire of Captn Mainwairing et al.

  4. Hi there Peter, that was what they reminded me of. I've seen them at different places on the East coast, but not over here in the West. Lots of Pillboxes mind, there could of course have been more of them years ago and they've been taken away
    Thanks for the info Peter, I'll see what the net turns up!

  5. Hi Peter. Tge concrete blocks are a WW2 tank trap. There are a few round here, with the best one near Fairhaven Lake.