Thursday 7 November 2013


We had in mind a walk elsewhere today, but as we drove over Shap the weather deteriorated rapidly. Somewhere relatively sheltered was the requirement. Having parked in Hackthorpe we set off on a circuit of Lowther Park using bridleways, footpaths and permissive paths. There was quite alot of rain, and a few sunny spells, umbrellas were deployed! You've got to make the most of precious time off!

The hamlet of Whale, the rain stopped long enough for us to have a quick buttie, and the sun highlighted this little Beech tree.

The manicured parkland contains some wonderful trees, many still changing colour.

The path starts to climb as it leaves the  River Lowther and enters a plantation to eventually arrive at Lowther Castle. 

The castle has laid empty since 1937,  renovation only starting in 2012.  Here in the courtyard with the old coachhouses and stables we had Hot Chocolate in the rather splendid cafe.


  1. Nice tree pic in the middle, there. (I spent the whole day either in a tent or in a pub)

  2. Thanks Mike, We spent a fair bit of time in the cafe!