Tuesday 16 April 2013

Monkii and the Siltarp

Monkii Cage on the Salsa Fargo V2 forks, more braze-ons than you can
shake a stick at!!

Last nights ride to Jenny Browns Point gave me an oppertunity to try the Monkii Cages on my On One bike. When I built the bike I decided on Salsa forks to give me the possibility to use "Anything Cages", however these haven't been available since last Autumn, (and won't be available until the end of June at the earliest!) The next best option seems to be the Monkii Cage, the carring capacity is less but there are't many options. I rode a fair bit of off-road with my Siltarp 1 in one cage and a bivibag in the other there was no movement, so a success so far.

Siltarp 1 with the 29er On one as support

I intend doing a bit of Bikepacking this year, hence the Monkii Cages above. I have seen a few pitching options for a tarp using the bike as support, last night I put my best idea into practice. I was pleased with the result, the benefit of the bike being a 29er means a bit of extra headroom. Of course no need to carry poles when you use this option. Plenty of space under what is really quite a small piece of fabric.
Once I've used the gear in anger I might do a proper report.


  1. Hi Alan
    All felt nice and taut...you can't tell on the photo but it was blowing hard!
    All going to plan I'll be out on Sat and Sun for a proper test. So I'll see then.

  2. Hi Matt, it works well in the field...obviously if the wind changed in the night...you'd prob get wet. I've always used it with a Rab Alpine Bivi!