Sunday 18 November 2012

Rsf ride to Brockhole

The rest of the party had started from Ashes Lane, but I had parked in Staveley and met the others at Wilfs cafe. After a chat over coffee/hot chocolate etc and a bit of final route planning we set off. The cycle path beside the A591 made for easy progress as we headed west before taking the Moor Howe Road.
The top of  Moor Howe Road looking to the Langdale Fells
Photo stop on Dubbs Lane, a superb Rough Stuff lane
Regrouping at Applethwaite Quarry, the head of Troutbeck in
the background. We headed down into the valley thro Limefitt Park
Lunch break in the gardens at Brockhole
Having crossed the double bridges near  Thickholme we were reduced
to a push up the steep wet track
Due to the short hours of daylight we called it a day after the Thickholme bridleway and made our way back to Wilfs cafe over the Moor Howe Road. After another brew said my goodbyes to the others as they rode back to Ashes Lane


  1. The trouble with Wilf's cafe is that it's difficult to leave. I have the same problem with the Woodbine in Hope. We only do the riding thing for the tea shops - but keep that one under your helmet;)

  2. I know what you mean Tony, we did manage to fit a ride in between the Hot Chocolate and Chocolate Brownies! But then thats why we go cycling.