Thursday 5 January 2012

River Eamont

Brougham Castle, in the foreground are the ramparts of the Roman fort Brocavvm.

Today the rain stayed away, blue skies were seen and the wind moderated! At last! Anyway just a short stroll beside the River Eamont, near Penrith, the Eamont drains Ullswater and today there was lots of water to drain, it was a raging torrent. Starting from the village of Eamont Bridge we headed downstream following the north bank as it twists and turns on its eastward course, the footpath was extremely muddy, flooded in parts. We reached tarmac at Brougham Castle Bridge, quite a relief really, not often you'll hear me say that. We walked past the closed Brougham Castle and the outline of the Roman fort of Brocavvm. Quiet minor roads took us to Brougham Hall, which is used by a number of different businesses, we had lunch here sheltered from the cold north wind. It was only a short distance back to the car crossing the River Lowther on the way.
Footwear today:- Brasher Freelite Goretex lined (discontinued several years
ago) these are very comfortable and lightweight, I've had 3 pairs of these but
these are the last, shame.

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