Thursday 12 May 2011

East of Drumochter

Summit of A'Bhuidheaneach Bheag

    A poor forecast for the west coast, so I decided to look elsewhere for better weather. As far east as I could reasonably drive was the answer, so I drove to just south of Dalwhinnie. Parking beside the busy A9, I left the car to climb the obvious track to the disused quarry between the Munro's of A' Bhuidheaneach Bheag and Carn na Caim. A' Bhuidheaneach Bheag lies about 2.5k due south of here, but the direct route would be wet underfoot to say the least. I followed the clear track, which tends to seek out drier ground. The cloud and then heavy rain came in and lasted for about an hour, the cloud lifted briefly to give a limited view form the summit of A' Bhuidheaheach Bheag. I turned and retraced my steps back to the quarry, and then with the wind pushing me along followed the fence to the second Munro of Carn na Caim. Once again I was lucky, the low cloud clearing to reveal a 360 degree vista. Then the hard bit, back against the wind to the top of the track. The strength of the wind was amazing, stopping me in my tracks. Once back at the quarry track down I went, easy going all the way back to the car. Just 4 hrs there and back, I wore Inov8's with Amphibian Goretex socks, best combination of the week.
Summit of Carn na Caim

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