Sunday, 29 September 2013

On the BMW through the Dales to Yockenthwaite

I was having an easy day today, after 6 rides on the roadbike attacking Strava segments. The weather was superb, possibly the last warm sunny Sunday for the motorbike for this year.
Looks like I'm going to Barbon then!....and then Barbondale to Dentdale.

Now thats a proper sign, its got character, made of cast iron, not yer flimsy aluminium.
And its got the County of Westmorland at the top.
My birthplace!

The GS in Barbondale. 

Big skies over Malham Tarn, the trees are starting to change.

Wonderful Dales scenery as I drop into Littondale.

Wharfedale, near Yockenthwaite.

The River Wharfe very low as I follow it up towards Oughtershaw and over to Hawes.

Looking across Wensleydale from Gayle.

Having ridden down Garsdale, the Howgills are revealed in the late afternoon sun.

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