Thursday, 18 April 2019

Three Bridges and a Viaduct...

Another warm dry day, and another day on the motorbike. Over to the Dales today, with a theme of taking photos of bridges. Although a couple of other subjects seem to have crept in. A lot quieter than yesterday in the Lakes even in Dent village centre....tomorrow may be different, but we plan to be somewhere even quieter then.
Here are the three bridges....oh and a viaduct...and a motorbike.....

My Honda NC700X, I've owned it for 2 years now and find it excellent for the type of motorcycling I do. There are 2 big pluses for me...What appears to be a fuel tank is in fact 20lit of storage (the fuel is under the seat) and the average fuel consumption of over 80mpg! 

Lincoln's Inn bridge over the River Lune, it carries the A684 between Kendal and Sedbergh.

Millthrop Bridge over the River Rawthey  on the way from Sedbergh towards Dentdale

I was distracted from bridges by the wonderful shapes in the bed of the River Dee! 

Stone House Bridge over the River Dee, although today there was barely a streams worth.
Sadly this bridge suffers regularly from "hits" by modern traffic, indeed the top stones on the downstream have almost all just been replaced.

.....and a viaduct. This is Dent Head Viaduct, and of course carries the Settle-Carlisle Railway.
I'd had a chillout day, and enjoyed the peace of Dentdale.

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Three Tarns....But NOT Those Three Tarns!

No today's weather meant that I should spend a bit of time on the motorbike. So after a morning committed to sorting some errands, I .set off to capture a few images of 3 different tarns. It felt like we were at last clear of Winter, the sun really warm. Although it meant that the light was somewhat hazy. So here are 3 images from the 3 tarns I visited today....

Kelly Hall Tarn

Yewdale Tarn

Blea Tarn.
The posts will I think be from elsewhere for a few months now....the Lakes are over-run with folk. Even on the motorbike progress was painfully slow. Time to head for less popular areas!

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

A Quick Visit to Hampsfell

After a busy day I received a text from my mate Ian. He was off up Hampsfell above Grange-over-Sands for an overnight camp to test his Trailstar copy. I didn't have time to get stuff together to camp/bivi myself, but rode over on the motorbike to see Ian....and maybe grab a couple of sunset or golden hour photos.

This limestone pavement is just a few metres away from the hospice, the Coniston Hills in the background.

More limestone pavement catching the last of the suns warm light.

Hampsfell Hospice, again catching the warm light.

No real sunset, but a wonderful warm glow from the West.
I chatted for Ian for a while as he erected his shelter, the wind was bitter so turned and jogged back to the motorbike on Grange Fell Road.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

An Evening Stroll Up Farleton Knott

The start of my "midweek weekend" and a chillout walk up my local hill. A quick bite to eat and off I went, it's only a 15mins walk to get out on the open fell from home. My plan to brave the chilly wind and try and get a couple of "golden hour" photos.

Limestone Country

Approaching the crags of Holme Park Fell

The summit crags of Holme Park Fell (actually higher than Farleton Knott) catching the light.

There are a number of twisted and battered Hawthorn Trees growing out of the limestone pavement

Another twisted tree with the sun about to disappear behind a bank of cloud across the Kent estuary.
All downhill back home, arriving back at just after 8.30.

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Muker to Keld (Almost) Beside the Swale

A real dull start to the day, even though I left it late to set off. Dense low cloud over the Buttertubs and cloud cloaking the moors as I dropped into Swaledale. Its a long time since I've done this least 5 years I think? The promise was for the day to improve, and so it did.

One of many Dales barns on this route.

At this point as you look up Swaledale, I was thinking it wasn't going to get out, the low cloud clinging resolutely to the tops.

Here below Swinnergill looking back down the Swale.

One of the small falls in Swinnergill.

It's a bit of a climb from Swinnergill up to Crackpot Hall, which appears to have had some consolidation work done.

The old "Fergie" has seen better days!

The falls below East Stonesdale,much photographed by both C2C and Pennine Way walkers.

Across the Swale to the old lead mine workings below Beldi Hill.

Probably the last farm to fall in disuse in this part of Swaledale..such a shame.

A last look back up the dale to Swinnergill and Hall Edge.
The day had improved as forecast, the sun making an appearance an making the day feel more like Spring. This is a splendid walk, relatively easy just two climbs neither very long or steep...up the East side of the valley back down the West.

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Low Level Ramble From Chapel Stile

Pulling the curtains back this morning to find that it was snowing and Farleton Knott wearing a new dusting was a bit of a surprise. Probably not a good one all things considered....I'd really rather like to be properly in Spring now. I'd already planned on a low level walk, seeing what I could find to take some photographs of. I parked in Chapel Stile and headed over Owlets Nest towards Little Langdale....

I found this gnarled old Holly tree and felt it would suit Black & White rather than colour.

The cloud had temporarily lifted above Wetherlam as I dropped into Little Langdale.

My route whch I was making up as I went along led me over Slaters Bridge.

And into Cathedral Quarry.

On reflection this twisted Silver Birch on one of the Hodge Close tips might have been better in Black & White

A quick look into the main quarry at Hodge Close.

Then past Stang End to join the Cumbria Way at High looked rather brighter over on Stone Arthur above Grasmere.

But I did find a "Money Tree"...:-))

Then past Colwith Force.

Over the relatively new bridge above Skelwith Force. It was then Cumbria Way beside the River Brathey and Elterwater back to the car.
The light had been rather flat, a great day all the same.

Sunday, 31 March 2019

My Last Synge* and A Circuit of Ennerdale Water

* Except for Pillar Rock....What a pain!
Early start for me this morning, I arrived at Bleach Green car park before 9am to be greeted by a cold breeze and a low sun. I had just the one Synge left (other than Pillar Rock) Boat How, nestled under Boat How Crag to the South of Ennerdale Water. I'd mulled over several methods of ascent, but decided to go via Anglers Crag.

I soon reached Anglers Crag, here looking across the saddle to Crag Fell. 

And here looking up Ennerdale

From Anglers Crag I contoured across some horrendous pathless terrain to reach this point.I had made a bad route choice, seduced by the promise of a path I'd seen on Google Earth!
My quarry is Boat How, the shadowy hump to the left of the trees in the image.

Another selfie...this is becoming a habit!
I felt justified as this was my last Synge 647 of the blighters...Yea I Know, except Pillar Rock. Anglers Crag is below me in the middle distance. All those miles thrashing through heather, bog and bracken to reach a point on the map that most folk have never even heard of! I've enjoyed it though, I'm always happier visiting somewhere new....even if it might not be as good (and that's subjective of course)as the more popular hills/destinations.  

I made a direct descent to the shore of Ennerdale Water.
And found....a lone tree! Who knew it!! It's a better one than the Buttermere Tree IMHO...more difficult to access though.
Starling Dodd is the hill framed between its branches.

As I approached the head of the lake the wind had dropped, there were flies everywhere taking advantage of the warm morning no doubt.
This view is looking Northwest to Herdus Scaw or Great Borne

As I headed back towards the North shore, the sun had disappeared and the sky was overcast. I dropped down beside the River Liza to take a photo looking back at Pillar.

Lots of Primroses in the woods now.

Its a lovely flat walk from just below Bowness back to the car park, it would be absolutely packed if it were at a central Lakes honeypot. It gives great views across the lake to Crag Fell.

This photo was taken of Herdus (Great Borne) and Bowness Knott close to the site of the old "Fish Inn" long since demolished. It would have been a bit of a money spinner today!
Just a short stroll from here to the car park, another great day.
Time to turn my sights to other objectives...What I could really do with is a benefactor with afilling station! :-))