Sunday 6 October 2013

Coast Walk from Arnside

A dull day here in the South Lakes today, what I call a "Tupperware" day! At least it stayed dry. The Lakes hills were swathed in cloud, so I opted for a local walk on the coast.
A high tide today, I'd timed my stroll to coincide with high water. The estuary looks completely different under such conditions, shame the light was so dull.

It wasn't possible to walk on the shore path so I took the permissive path thro Grubbins Wood to New Barns Bay.

Last of the Rosehips, I was off to Far Arnside!

The cliff top path approaching Far Arnside, not at all typical of Morecambe Bay. From Far Arnside I walked back over Arnside Knott and back to the car on the promenade.


  1. Well at least you got out. It was a lovely clear blue sky day here in sunny Manchester. Pity Sheila is ill. I had to stay in.

  2. Oh dear, hope Sheila feels better soon... I went out on the road bike over to K lonsdale and looped back round to the North. The weather was better than the forecast in the end. Very warm for the time of year. Long may it continue!!