Thursday 17 October 2013

High Street via Rough Crag

Todays wander started from the road end at Mardale, it was a late start. I knew I wanted to have enough daylight left to get a ride on the road bike when I got home, so I opted for the classic walk up Rough Crag to High Street and back to the car down Nan Beild pass. The weather, one of the best autumn days I can remember.....but then I am getting on a bit.

Once you gain the ridge almost the full length of Haweswater is revealed

The wall is you're companion as more of High Street comes into view rising beyond Rough Crag.

The small tarn on Caspel Gate, High Street reflected nicely in the still waters

Here we look back along the ridge with Riggindale down on the left as we look back. The Red Deer Stags were roaring from the slopes below Kidsty Pike (not seen in this pic!)

The summit plateau, no wonder they held horse races here! The Helvellyn  range is sseen to great advantage from here. 

Can't beat a nice bright jacket for the photies! I'm pretending to look for look for somewhere to have my (late) lunch.....actually I'd just eaten it!

No real efffort is required to bag Mardale Ill Bell, so why not. Harter Fell fills the background.

This splendid view of Small Water and the head of Mardale appears just before you reach Nan Beild.

After the descent of Nan Beild the path levels out and to the North the steep slopes of Rough Crag.
A great little walk.


  1. What a day. Stunning pictures. So whats the new "You can see me know Jacket".

  2. It certainly was a great day. Thanks for your kind comments on the pics, Alan.
    The jacket like most of my gear is a few years old! Its a Macpac Zone, made from "Reflex 2.5" it weighs 345g and is very breathable. Macpac stuff is invariably good gear IMHO. Designed and made for a climate much like ours...only more extreme!
    On the downside, perhaps from your point of view, it has a "water resistant" zip (without a storm flap, even on the inside!) It hasn't leaked tho!!

  3. The Riri zips are better than the YKK. I would trust a Riri (£40 each) without a storm flap. Its good to hear that yours has been good. I trust that it is a YKK if it was made in the far east. I do like Macpac gear. Its reliable. I didn't recognise your jacket from the photo so had to ask. I wouldn't have guessed it.

  4. Just checked's a YKK! you clearly know your zips!!
    I've been thinking I've probably had it for 7 years, although the wear has been shared over a number of jackets :-)

  5. nice pics. looks like a good day too

  6. Thanks the light was excellent for the middle of the day.And the weather way better than forecast!