Sunday, 1 September 2013

Birkett Bagging on the Yewdale Fells

Todays hills were a lesson in micro-navigation. There are lots of humps, knolls and hollows, all basically pathless. They were however below the cloud, which was one of the attractions! I had it in my mind that I'd already visited some of these tops in the past, but couldn't honestly remember which. So I had to do them all again to be sure.

I'd parked at the foot of Tilbirthwaite Gill and walked up through Penny Rigg slate quarrys. The Eastern fells soon came into view behind me as I ganed height.

The first top Brackeny Crag.....quite alot of bracken, not much crag!
At least the bracken is starting to die off thank goodness.

Here we see what happens when the "wooly locusts" can't get at the flowers!

Low Wythow ascended the next objective High Wythow.

High Wythow summit looking back across the Yewdale Fells, Helvellyn and Fairfield in the background.

Long Crag fell easily to you're seasoned peakbagger, here we're looking to the last top of the day Kitty Crag.

The summit cairn on Kitty Crag, the Old Man and Brim Fell shrouded in mist.

It had been quite breezy on the tops so a rapid descent was made down to Coppermines Valley, the beck very low.

I walked down towards Coniston, before turning to follow the cycle/footpath through the decidious woodland of Low Yewdale. The Tilbirthwaite valley took me back to the car.


  1. Considering the hordes of people that frequent Coniston i am always amazed that this area and the area east of Wetherlam can be so empty yet so wonderful to walk. It isn’t the highest of fells but that doesn’t matter. Delightful.

  2. Wetherlam is my favourite hill Alan...and I've climbed a few! There's so much of interest all round, so many different ways up. And as you say the lower slopes make for great days out when the tops are shrouded in mist/cloud.
    For the record, I had visited all the Birketts bar Brackeny Crag...I wouldn't make a special trip...unless you're really sad like me!

  3. That first photo is amazing. Perfect.

  4. Thank you very much Georgie. I think it could be improved on tho!

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