Sunday, 8 September 2013

Lingmoor Fell and Little Langdale

I should have gone East today instead of West! Anyway I parked in Chapel Stile with the sky looking threatening and set off up through the quarries and past "The Wood". Crossing the metalled road and taking the old cart track towards the higher quarries

I know nowt much about fungi...but this picture is unprocessed, a really distinctive colour!
Anyone know what it is?

Here I'm looking East towards Windermere from the ridge.

The wall just below Lingmoor Quarry which straddles the ridge. Still lots of bracken here!

The summit of Lingmoor Fell

I found a sheltered spot out of the wind for lunch, the sun tried to make an appearance. The cloud still sat on Great Carrs, although Pike O Blisco was clear.

Blue sky at last, the ridge snaking away to Side Pike with the Langdale Pikes just clearing.

The reclusive  Foves Tarn as the Helvellyn range starts to clear briefly

I walked round Blea Tarn and descended into Little Langdale, all the while a fine wind blown drizzle fell. Just enough to be annoying and stopping me from taking photographs.

Arriving at Slaters Bridge (where I'd visited only a couple of weeks ago) the rain became heavier, So I turned up across the fields and walked back over Owlets Nest and back through the quarries to the car


  1. I’m no expect either on Fungi. I think its a bracket type. Anyway it is such a good photo i would have a look at this web site.

    There is a contact email address for Alison. I think i would send it her and she will probably id it for you.

  2. Thanks for that Alan, the email is on it's way. I'll post the answer here in the comments.

  3. Thanks to Alans tip..(see comment above) the fungi has been identified as Laetiporus sulphureus (Chicken of the Woods)so there we are. I'm a bit wiser, and so I hope are you!
    Thanks again Alan (and Alison!)

  4. Thats great and such a quick reply. The photo was not ambiguous so i expect that helped. Its good to know that assistance is out there.