Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Langdale Pikes

Not quite the weather that was promised in the Central Lakes today unfortunately. But I enjoyed the day all the same, the tops were covered by low cloud/mist at various times whilst I was out. The wind was bitingly cold, not a day for hanging around! There are rather a lot of photos in this post......sorry about that!

There was very few cars in the New Dungeon Ghyll car park, (it is midweek I suppose). I walked beside Stickle Ghyll, pausing here on the bridge to admire the view up towards Stickle Tarn

Once above the plantation the path in the picture above leaves the main track. There's no cairn, nor should there be! I will remove a cairn if one appears!!
This is the connoisseur's route to Stickle Tarn.

Once at Stickle Tarn, Pavey Ark fills the scene to the North, Sergeant Man peeping over it's East ridge.

Harrison Stickle.

The cold night had caught Stickle Tarn, there was a slight skim of ice as I walked round to reach the foot of Pavey Ark

The weather was starting to change now, there would be very little blue sky after this.
Anyway here we look back across Stickle Tarn to Harrison Stickle

Here from the summit of Pavey Ark we look across to Sergeant Man, just catching some sun.

There was quite a bit of snow as I contoured round to Harrison Stickle. It had a lovely thick crust on it though,  nice easy going.

Not a day to linger as I said earlier, back to the col before descending to cross the head of Dungeon Ghyll.
Loft Crag on the left and the cone of Pike O'Stickle on the right.

The sun was trying its best as I crossed  above the gully containing the "Stone Axe Factory".
For those interested in such trivia, this was the venue for an early extreme sport....the freestyle skier Jess Stock skied this gully in the mid Summer, NO snow!!

The last few metres to the summit of Pike O'Stickle required a bit of care the hard frozen snow a little tricky.
This view was the reward, looking back to Harrison Stickle on the left, and my final  "Pike" today Loft Crag on the right.

Looking back to Pike O'Stickle, from Loft Crag. The peak in the distance with the sunlight on is Great Gable.

Back in the valley all was green, and overcast.

The footwear choice of the day, an old pair of Scarpa's no Goretex lining in these fella's. And all the better for it.
Dry warm feet all day, great edge grip, and when I want gaiter's, my Yeti's fit these.
I think there about 20 years old, they only get used when I think fellshoes would be inappropriate.
They do look like they would appreciate some Nikwax!


  1. Walked over into Langdale at the weekend, took the route from Grasmere, very wild on the tops, plenty of snow and wind!

  2. Trust you enjoyed your day Howellsey, there's certainly been a cold wind blowing. Quite a lot of the snows gone this week tho