Sunday, 12 January 2014

Manflu Gone?...First cycle ride of 2014.

With the roadbike sold I've modified my old Cannondale M2000 MTB for use on the road until the new steed arrives in mid/late Feb. So this morning unsure of my breathing and over 3 weeks since I last rode a bike I decided on a trip to the seaside!

Having ridden round the lanes through Burton-in-Kendal, Priest Hutton and Warton I rode down to Jenny Browns Point near Silverdale. Nice and quiet down this cul-de-sac.....lots of signs tho!

From Jenny Browns point there's a cracking view back across the marshes to Warton Crag

All was serene at Arnside, compared to the recent stormy visits I've made lately. The cloud was building up over the lakes as the morning went on.

No raging bore today....the tide will creep in quietly.

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