Thursday, 16 January 2014

Priory Point and Conishead Priory

Its been a while since we've been down on the Furness peninsula, so today we parked near Bardsea and explored the coast and Priory towards Ulverston. There was a stiff wind blowing on the shore, not a day for hanging around. Although the amazing woodland round the priory was nicely sheltered!

The path has been destroyed in several places, signs of the recent storms and high tides. The power of the sea all to evident on this stretch, the large lump of concrete and stone almost 2 metres square.

Conishead Priory, its had a chequered history. But now in the caring hands of the Buddhist community, it has an air of tranquillity about it...well worth a visit when the Lakes are wet and miserable.

This is the Buddist Temple built in the old kitchen garden, it has within it the largest bronze Buddha in the West. Again well worth a my humble opinion!

The woodland between the priory and the coast has a  peaceful air to it, and today offered shelter from the biting wind.  The copious rain we've experienced over the past few weeks meant that several areas were flooded with superb reflections.

Once back on the coast the tide had receded, the views across the bay were extensive. A short walk from here and we were back at the car....a great day.

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