Sunday, 12 January 2014

Farleton Knott

After the cycle ride this morning and a spot of lunch I had a quick walk up my local hill, Farleton Knott. The wind had got up and was bitter, sadly the usually excellent views to the Dales, Howgills and Lakes were blotted out by the distant low cloud.

Once out on the fell proper, you're exposed to the guesses which way the prevailing wind blows.

There are a number of Limestone pinnicle's below the low limestone crags hereabouts. 

This is the upper path, not at all as precipitous as it looks!

One of the many gnarled old Hawthorn trees below the main crag.


  1. I've only been up on here once, a few years back and on a similarly cold day. I came away thinking what a magical, mysterious place it was. A secret, other world looking over but hidden from the M6!

  2. Hi Tony
    Lots of paths to explore, bridleways to ride and of course its limestone....what.s not to like!! The views on a clear evening are superb, being at the hub of the Lakes, Howgills and Dales.
    It fills my view as I sit in my living room, so I see it in all its moods.
    Great stuff.