Sunday, 19 January 2014

Rough Stuff Fellowship Ride to Fox's Pulpit

It's been quite a while since I've been out with the Rough Stuff Fellowship. Today's ride started in Kirkby Lonsdale, there was 7 of us out for the ride a good turnout. Especially so considering the driech morning! We headed off in a generally Northwards direction, our destination....Fox's Pulpit.

The first bridleway  brought us to Mansergh, and John a puncture. Here we see a classic image of  5 of us giving the unfortunate afflicted with "well meaning advice"!

We followed the Old Scotch Road, Turning to the East once past Firbank Fell to reach Fox's Pulpit. Here we had lunch, and in my opinion it was bloody perishing!

Fastened to the crag commemorating the spot where George Fox preached.  As I understand it this place was chosen to avoid persecution, and of course George Fox went on to help found the Quaker movement.

Having retrased our steps a little we descended into the Lune valley on a steep bridleway to Oakbank. Then minoe roads and wet lanes brought us to Rigmaden and the bridge over the River Lune. Her we're looking North to The Howgills still shrouded in cloud.

Here we see an example of the glutinous mud on Nicks bike. This was only a short lane....I chose to go round, my feet were wet and cold enough already.

After a brew in the cafe/shop in Barbon we made our way back to the cars at Kirkby Lonsdale. The sun made an appearance between the showers, the low light showing off these twisted old Oaks.


  1. What! Nick without sandals on!!!!

  2. HaHa.....even Nick said his feet were chilly, with I believe 2 pairs of socks in his winter cycle shoes!!

    1. I've brought out the thermal ski socks... but then I have rubbish toe circulation. Trying new methods to keep enjoying winter rides - now I lead them, I cant bail out in fleeing cold weather anymore. Bah. At least next weekend's is only short

  3. Yep, I probably underestimated the cold/wet although I had Goretex socks over my wool socks!

  4. Liking the light on the river view and oaks images ...

  5. A day of contrasts Kevin, mist, drizzle and low cloud when we arrived at Foxes Pulpit, then the sun peeked between the clouds.
    Thanks for your kind comments
    Cheers Alistair