Sunday, 9 February 2014

TGO Challenge Planning, Cycling...more TGO Challenge Planning!

With the news last Friday that I'd been promoted from the standby list to gaining an entry to the TGO Challenge. It's been a long wait since the disappointment when I found I hadn't made the initial draw, of course some poor soul has had to the news is tinged with sadness.

Planning tools!!
Check out the age of that Glen Carron map...tight old git!!

I'd planned a route last year before the bad news, so today really was only tweaking, filling in the requisite forms and booking accommodation. So that's all done and the paperwork is away in the ether to "Chez Manning"
As the weather had improved  I decided to get a ride in on the bike.
A quick ride to the coast at Arnside, the sun even shone...but my word the wind was strong!!


  1. Great stuff. Hope we bump into each other along the way. “Booking Accomodation” is that unsupported?

  2. Just SYHA for the start and Braemar Alan......very unsupported!
    Except for my trekking poles...I'll be relying on their support for some of the way I'm sure!
    My first (official) crossing so I've picked quite a simple route. Be good if our paths cross.