Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Wainwrights of Applethwaite Common

After a ride on the bike this morning and a spot of lunch I spent the afternoon walking across Applethwaite Common. There are 2 Wainwright's to be claimed for the bagger, Sour Howes and Sallows. Sadly it rained from Sour Howes onward...sadly I am able to confirm that my 10 year old Golite Reed overtrousers now leak in a catastrophic manner :-(  Still didn't spoil the walk tho'.....and I have another pair :-))

The Dubbs Road track, which eventually leads to Garburn Pass, the highpoint in the photo is roughly the summit of Sour Howes.

There has been a lot of repair and renovation of the Dubbs and Garburn Roads recently.
This rather special animal pass is a new addition...if it was larger I'd call it a Hogget Hole!

As I turned towards the Troutbeck valley the sun tried it's very best to break through, lighting up the fields on the flank of Wansfell

As you gain a bit of height up the fell Windermere is revealed, the sheet of water to the left is Dubbs reservoir.

This is one of the two summits of Sour Howes, I've always thought of this one as the higher....but there can't be much in it. The cloud was down by now and as I set off along the broad ridge to Sallows the rain/sleet/hail came on driven by a strong gusty wind.

This is the summit of Sallows, theres no cairn as such. It was very wet at this point, there's rain on the lens if you look closely. I didn't linger, but headed roughly North to drop down to Garburn Pass, turning left to walk back down the pass. It rained all the way back to the car unfortunately, as I have already mentioned above finding the weak point/s in my overtrousers!

Todays footwear...New Balance 606's. Very comfortable, warm when wet and surprisingly grippy as well.
Like a lot of my gear....not made any more I think.

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