Wednesday, 4 June 2014

TGO Challenge Day 7 Fri 16th May

Ruigh-aiteachain Bothy Glen Feshie to Derry Lodge  40.6km - 1916m ascent - 1853m descent
I woke having slept very well, completely rested. Looking out first thing the cloud was down to about 2500'. I had already decided I would venture up onto the Moine Mhor and climb Sgor Gaoith. From there I would take a view on the weather and more especially the wind speed and see what I thought. This is how it panned out....

It's a stiff pull out of Glen Feshie, but the Land Rover track does at least make for easy going underfoot.

The cloud had lifted somewhat as I reached the lip of Coire Garbhlach. Alistair Pooler and Sue Oxley (Thanks Louise!) were going over to Mullach Clach a Bhlair, so I left them shortly after this point as I headed North

The LRT seems rather to well made for my liking over here, the cloud is just touching Sgor Gaoith in the distance.

This is the Munro top of Carn Ban Mor (I think), the cloud now clear of Sgor Gaoith.

Looking down to Loch Einich, complete with whitehorses! Standing on the summit was fraught with danger in the gusting wind.

The head of Glen Einich, at this point cowering below the ridge out of the wind I decided to go for all the Braariach group of Munro's. Time to gird my loins!

here we look North from the moraine field south of the head of Glen Einich. I've been here before and its had graft.

This is Loch nan Cnapan, this was my original planned campsite. Had the high winds not been forecast. It looked a great spot, I'll be back!!

I nearly stepped on this Mountain Hare, it was no doubt feeling vulnerable as it changed colour.

This slope up to the Braeriach plateau seemed neverending, there were excellent views back to Sgor Gaoith though.

The vastness of the Moine Mhor, fantastic!

Eventually I reached the edge of the corries, and looked down into the Lairig Ghru. From here I could see much of what I would be climbing throughout the rest of the day.
The prominent peak is Cairn Toul. 

Down to the Lairig Ghru, tiny Carn a Mhaim dwarfed in this company.

I followed the corrie rim, still lots of snow as you can see as I look back from Sgor an Lochain Uaine.

Ahead the next objective, Cairn Toul. Energy was not a problem on a day such as this.

The huge bulk of Macdui across the Lairig Ghru.

Cairntoul looking South to Monadh Mhor and Beinn Bhrotain, the Beinn a Ghlo group in the distance.

Braeriach looks along way away now, still another Munro to climb though and a top.

Amazing quantity's of snow still left on the rim of the corries. Seen here from Cairn Toul, Where I met Paul Myerscough the only Challenger I saw after leaving Alistair and Sue until I got down to Corrour.

A wonderful arc of snow.
Here I was able to contact Braemar SYHA to book an extra night as I knew I would be a day ahead of schedule. This would give me a rest day, although I didn't really feel as though I needed one.

The Devils Point, and Carn a can they be Munro's. Just shows how high Cairntoul is in comparison.

I was lucky on the descent to the col below The Devils Point, alot of the slope had soft snow on it and made for easy going.

It's not much of a climb from the col to the summit of The Devils Point. Last hill of the day.

Looking North up the Lairig Ghru, Currour Bothy below.

The view South from the same point, the Dee snaking away into the distance.

I had thought of possibly camping at Corrour, but I think from memory I counted 16 tents here...not much grass left! So I pressed on to Derry Lodge, it would make a very easy Saturday.

Devils Point doesn't look quite so small now!

The tent pitched amonst the pines at Derry lodge, I arrived at 8.45pm.
What a fantastic mountain day, my best day of the Challenge.


  1. Monster of a day.
    But blinding views...
    Good stuff.
    Must get working on my knee rehab...

    1. Superb day Andrew...Sat at work typing this....(in my lunch hour of course!) I can't wait to get back up to Scotland again.
      Guessing they've told you up to heaven and down to hell? with that knee.
      Hope the recovery goes well, so that you can get out "there" ASAP :-)

  2. That would be one of our esteemed Co-ordinators, Sue Oxley, with Alistair.
    Enjoying your write up very much!

    1. Thanks for putting a name to a face, as a 1st timer it was diffiicult to remember everyone I met! I've updated the blog.
      Thank you for your kind comments, I think we met in Braemar SYHA?

    2. My memory is dire, so I was happy to help.
      Sadly, no, I wasn't at the SYH, we stayed at Kate's (Rucksacks Hostel) but we were in The Old Bakery and the Fife? We being Laura and I, walking as a team this year.
      You'll be back maybe? The Challenge seems to be hate or addicted. I'm the latter...

    3. Oh dear, I must be confusing you with someone else, Sorry!!
      I'll do the Challenge again....but probably not next year. I takes alot of my annual leave :-( Who knows!!

  3. Thats a good day. Well done Sir! Lucky with the weather too although a bit of a blow.

    1. An absolute cracker, well worth the effort of going high and battling with the wind. The photos can't show the force of the wind....but a trekking pole blew straight out at 90degrees as soon as you let go!

  4. Great day both views and the amount of walking. Hope to be up Sgor Gaolith tomorrow.

    1. Thanks Paul, I see from twitter you got up Sgor Gaoith...Its a fantastic viewpoint isn't it.

  5. Wonderful stuff. Yes massive day, but what a day. Envies. Plus agree on pushing on to the end where you camped. Love it there.

  6. Cheers Martin.....Sometimes the gamble to go high pays off :-) Yep, Derry Lodge alot better than Corrour IMHO...except perhaps in full winter conditions!