Saturday 14 June 2014

TGO Challenge Day 13 Wed 22nd May

North Water Bridge to Nether Warburton  13.2km - 163m ascent - 192m descent
So the beginning of the end.....I was up and away at 5.15am! Madness? Well no, I wnted to beat the forecast rain. I'd spent so long walking in the dry it seemed a shame to get wet so close to the end! It seemed hard to pick a route which had much offroad betweeen these to points. However the minor roads I used were very quiet, a bonus of the early start.

Across the Norh Esk again, which gave access to the minor roads to Marymill.

The minor roads here reminded me of rural France.....don't know why? 

The "track" up to Morphie was rather imposing, it was blowing a fair bit over the top of the Hill of Morphie. I had to put my Buff Mitts on!!

Having crossed the busy A92 it was downhill all the way to the dunes at Nether Warburton and the North Sea.

So here it is the North Sea, I arrived at 8am. Not surpisingly I had the beach to myself!

Except for the wind!
Despite my best efforts to write in the sand, the wind was blowing sand into my beautiful artwork as fast as I was writing it!

Well I'm still smiling!
I'd rarely stopped smiling since I'd started at Sheil Bridge almost a fortnight before.
It had been a great 2 weeks, it was a pleasure to meet all you folks both on the trail and at camp/hostels, you're the ones who made the journey special.
Many thanks to all who've persevered looking at the blog posts of my Challenge. Your kind comments on the photo's and putting up with reading my poor grammar.
Thanks again :-))


  1. A wonderful tale, thanks for putting it up on your blog....and nowt wrong wi' your grammar!

    1. Thanks JJ, I would draw your attention to the comment from David below! :-)

  2. Hi Al. Just trying to work out why we didn't meet at Tarfside or NWB. It's because you have gone wrong on your blog post headings - look at the days/dates of last few titles! But a great tale and crossing. You is well fitter than me man :-)

    1. Hi David.....what a dipstick!
      Altered now! Thanks for pointing that out, I'd like to say time stood still on the Challenge...but generally that only happens at work!
      Shame we didn't meet up anywhere:-(
      Thanks again

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed that, Al.
    Well done Sir.

  4. Thanks very much Alan, I enjoyed the Challenge...
    I hope that came through in the blog posts?
    Now you need to very disaplined with yourself and crack on with yours! :-)

  5. If you signed out of Challenge Control on the Thursday, then I must have met you. Had I realised who you were at the time, then I would have said slightly more than 'Who are you; where did you start, was that on the first Friday?' etc!

  6. Yes we met Gayle, you handed me my goodies!! Thank you!
    You all looked very busy, and slightly hassled! Lots to do I'm sure.
    I felt rather sad that the Challenge was over...I would have been more than happy to turn round and walk back to Sheil Bridge.
    Sounds like you're going to have you're work cut out with your part of the TGOC next year...Thanks in advance!!