Monday, 9 June 2014

TGO Challenge Day 10 Mon 19th May

Braemar to Glen Doll  19.9km - 643m ascent - 543m descent
I had a leisurely start this morning, there wasn't a huge amount of climbing so I was looking forward to unvisited terrain beyond Callater Lodge. The weather looked good and I was looking forward to getting on the "Trail" again.

I crossed the valley just North of the golf course, the view South up the valley urged me on back into the hills.

Gratuitous "arty" shot of the footbridge which brought me onto the minor road which runs thro the golf course. A short way up the road I was caught up by Emma Warbrick, we walked together for much of the day.

The Clunie Water

The infamous Callater Lodge....there had been great festivities the previous evening we understood.
We were welcomed inside and plyed with tea and biscuits.
 A big thank you for the hospitality!

The weather at the head of the glen didn't look wonderful, but only turned out to be an atmospheric effect. There was no rain nor any sign of it, luckily.

The climb up "Jocks Road" at the head of Glen Callater. The path is vague for much of the time hereabouts. This is one of those photos where scale is difficult, Emma is on here for those who care to zoom in!

Before long we reached the col, and caught up with Lindy Griffiths. I waslast in this area almost 25 years ago when climbing the Munro Tolmount, seen here in the background. The 3 of us made our seperate ways over to the Munro top of Crow Craigies the high point of todays walk.

Lindy Griffiths kindly took this picture on the summit of Crow Craigies.....see you can make a silk purse out of a sows ear!

The descent down towards Glen Doll was uneventful, Lindy had told Emma and I to carry on as she said she would be slower downhill. I had particularly wanted to see the shelter, (above) You'd only want to use it in a dire emergency!

Glen Doll laid out before us, I was very taken by this beautiful valley.

I could have carried on to Clova and made a shorter day tommorrow, but this was where I'd planned to camp. It was a wonderful spot, probably my favourite wildcamp of the Challenge.


  1. You did miss a bit of a do the Sunday night. Maybe next year eh...

  2. I'll make an effort to attend on a future crossing, thats for things turned out with the unplanned rest day in Braemar on Sunday I could have walked up to Callater and camped...sack the route planner springs to mind!

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    1. It was a good day Emma, thanks for the company.
      I couldn't pass that spot by it was as I said my favourite wildcamp of the trip, and coincidently the last of my challenge.

  4. Great pictures and great memories of that day. I thought about you in your beautiful camp spot as I walked the long road to the Glen Clova Hotel.
    Hope to see you again next year.