Sunday, 22 June 2014

Overnite Camp at Angle Tarn (The One in the Far Eastern Fells!)

This was an "after work start", but with the ample hours of daylight on the "longest day" and a great forecast I got parked at Bridge End. I was infact walking within an hour of leaving work in Kendal! I crossed the valley and made my way up to Chapel-in-the-Hause...

Just above the Hause, with Place Fell behind...and a motorway of a path!

Amazing light on Patterdale.

Tent pitched at Angle Tarn...lots of space here, but it's heavily used, my advice to take your water from the small stream and def use a filter!

After I'd eaten i walked up to the summit of Angletarn Pikes to watch the sunset. I was also treated to the late sun lighting up the tarn and High Street et al beyond.

So the sun sets on the longest day, goiung down behind Great Dodd.

Looking at this not every cloud has a silver lining....some are gold! :-)

I slept well, breakfast taken on some handy rocks.

This was never going to be a long walk, my main purpose was the camp. But I walked a different route back to the car. Looking back the reflections in the tarn were excellent.

Here I'm looking across to the Helvellyn group from Brock Crags.
from here I dropped down to Hartsop and followed the bridleway back to the car.
An excellent outing....I should probably mention all the above pictures are taken with my phone!!
How things change, its not even very new.


  1. Did you have it to yourself? I've only passed it a couple of times but there have always been tents there....guess the short walk in appeals to a lot of people :-)

    1. No, there were 4 tents there when I arrived and another 5 turned up mine 10!
      Everyone was scattered about so it was ok..2 groups on C2C and ! doing a Ravenglass-Shap walk.
      I must say although its well used, I saw NO rubbish at all very impressed.

  2. Not very "wild" wild camping then! It just shows how popular it has become. A justifiably good spot to camp

    1. "Wild"....what do you want, Roaring Lions or perhaps a pack of Laughing Hyena's!
      Nice one Ian!