Monday, 8 July 2013

Thro' the lanes to Arnside

To good an evening to do nothing and with tired legs from the weekend I had a "recovery" ride to Arnside. only 14 miles or so, but very pleasent in the warm sun.
Reflections in the R. Bela at Beetham, The old mill on the left undergoing renovation, the modern Billerud mill on the right

Lots of Oxeye Daisys smiling at the sun in the verges.

Old limekilns at the quarry, Sandside.

All calm on the Kent estuary this evening, the view to the Lakes hills very hazy.

Out to "sea" from the stone pier at Arnside, not much water this evening though!


  1. Lovely photos as ever Al. The limekiln looks in good repair compared to those in East lothian. When did it fall out of use?

  2. Thanks Peter, I believe there are local folk who remember it in use...I'm guessing it would fall out of use in the late 20s early 30s. It was renovated just after the millenium, as indeed were many in the South Lakes. Although this possibly one of the largest.