Thursday, 18 July 2013

It's ALL about the Bike......

Last Sunday, the 14th I had a great day out on the BMW. I had almost come to the point of selling  it due to lack of use/time, but Sunday confirmed what I have probably known deep down all along. Bikes are in my blood and I love 'em! But this one in particular. I can't explain it, its just how it I make no apologies for lots of self indulgent motorbike photo's. (and one or two of the trip)

All packed, checked and ready to go

After a short spell on the M6, it was up and over Orton Scar with the Howgills laid out to the South

Minor roads through lots of sleepy villages including Crosby Ravensworth, Temple Sowerby, and Melmerby brought me to Hartside. The early morning mist was starting to clear as I reached the cafe at the summit.

Through Alston and onwards towards Haydon Bridge the road crosses the South Tyne here near Langley

Having crossed the Tyne proper at Hexham, I stopped near Wall to have a look at a part of Hadrians Wall at Brunton at Brunton a section I've not explored in the past.

These four chaps are in front of  Wallington Hall, a Natioal Trust property

Hello "Beaky"!....I'd arrived at the North Sea at Alnmouth, and it was now scorching!!

My loose plan now was to head North along the coast, passing through Boulmer, Craster, Newton, and Beadnell. Seahouses was as usual packed, I passed through to a more peaceful stretch  and walked through the dunes to get a view of the Farne Islands

Here in Berwick-on-Tweed I could see tha Haar coming in off the sea, but inland all was blue sky. 

Through the town walls, just the other side (although you can't tell from this picture) all was covered in Haar.

A thought provoking sculpture on the harbour wall at Burnmouth. It commemorates a fishing disaster from 1881

As I walked round the small harbour at Burnmouth the Haar began to disperse.

The geology is very contorted here, the layers of rock on end. Not to friendly to boats of any size.

Next stop, Eyemouth. Lots of folk about here, many attracted by the seals in the harbour it seemed, four of them I thought. Home to two lifeboats, testement to the wild North Sea.

St Abbs was only a few miles further up the coast, this is the lifeboat staion within the harbour

St Abbs is a mecca for divers, drawn here by the clear waters of the Marine Conseration Area. I seemed to be the only person not going diving!

I chatted to a couple of divers who said the visability was as good as they'ed ever experienced here. There was no wind to speak of and little swell, but apparently alot of currents running with the tide.
St Abbs had to be my turning point, so I plotted a rough route back avoiding busy roads as much as possible and headed back.

I passed through Duns, sadly "The Jim Clark Room" was closed. I shall have to make a return visit.

The roads here in the Borders are very quiet and generally well surfaced, so this is the sign I like to see.
 Always proceed with caution mind. 

Here in Kelso my tummy was I sat in the Millenium Viewpoint and had a snack. Looking over the town enjoing the early evening sun.

I paused to photograph the abbey in Jedburgh, although the low sun (in the Wrong Place) baffeled my compact camera.
Perhaps I was in the wrong place? Or in the right place, at the wrong time!

Down through Bonchester Bridge, past Kielder and through Newcastleton and Canonbie to arrive at Longtown. This is the River Esk. it ALL about the Bike?, for me its about the journey, the places I see and the people I meet. But the Bike is the last piece of the jigsaw which completes the experience.
It had been a grand day out!


  1. Its a great time for bikes and i drool when i get close to a big bike like the Suzuki Intruder and the Honda F6c. Wish i was lucky enough to have taken my test.
    Claim to fame. Driving around the IOM TT circuit on a Pre-unit 1952 Bonnie.

  2. You're never to old Alan! Although the gov have made it far more difficult to pass a motorcycle test than a car test,both should be more difficult from what I see out on the roads.
    I've had bikes almost continually since I was 17...almost 40 years eek! They've given me a huge amount of pleasure.

  3. I sometimes describe myself as an ex-motorcyclist. That's not true - once bitten by the motorcycling bug, and whether or not you have a bike, you're ALWAYS a motorcyclst.

    I'm sorely tempted to get back on two wheels. The wife would probably leave me though......hmmm, a win-win situation? :-)


  4. That's a bit drastic John!
    Got to agree, I can't see a time in the near future when I won't still be hooked on 'em!!