Wednesday 17 July 2013

Hilderstone and Longlands

This evenings cycle-ramble......South from the village along Hilderstone Lane and then then beside the Lancaster Canal to Longlands and back via Priest Hutton.

This stone is set back from the road in the hedge

Looking North from the bridge hear Cinderbarrow

Sadly the lock gates are no longer in use, they have been preserved though and perhaps one day the locks will work again.

The old flight of locks (the only locks on the main Lancaster Canal) provide a haven for wildlife.

From Longlands the Canal becomes navigable. The new marina and apartments seem very popular.

I was lucky to catch this longboat as it passed under the bridge at Priest Hutton

Part of the return route was along the canal near Burton, and this is Burton Wharfe. Many tons of lime and limestone will have been taken from Farleton Knott and shipped away from here.

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