Friday, 12 July 2013

The Northern Reaches

Another scorcher here in the South Lakes. Having felt a bit ropey for a couple of days an easy spin was in order. So I took the On One 29er Inbred along the Lancaster Canal from home to Stainton.

Bridge 155 oppisite "The Duke" (no longer a pub) at Farleton

Approaching Crooklands, but looking back at Farleton Knott

At Crooklands near Milton Bridge, in the background the M6 can be seen cutting the canal. One of the cuts making life very difficult for the Lancaster Canal Trust.

Waterwitch owned by the Lancaster Canal Trust, and used for trips on the Northern Reaches

The On One at Wakefields Wharfe

Wakefields Wharfe used for loading of gunpowder made nearby at Gatebeck.

The aquaduct for St Sundays Beck at Stainton. Still looking good after almost 200 years.

In the aquaduct looking out

The current terminus of the Lancaster Canal at Stainton......

But perhaps things are a changing..Looks like the Lancaster Canal Trust have been busy

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