Friday, 6 May 2011

Planning for Scotland

     The blogs will in the main go quiet over the next week as folk take on the TGO challange. I shall be in the Fort William/Great Glen area myself next week, staying at Glen Nevis Hostel to start with at least. The objective is to climb a few hills if the weather is acceptable! I've got a few Munro's to mop up round there. I'll be on the look out for backpackers as I tramp the hills and glens.  Good Luck to all.


  1. Thanks Al

    If you can make it to the 'Wake for the Wild' it would be really sweet! Go on - you know you want to... Tuesday 17th May....

    There will be AKKW, and PTC* might be coming along as well...

  2. Sadly Alan I'll be back toiling at my desk in Kendal. However my thoughts will be with you and all kindred spirits who love the wild places.