Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Loch Lochy Munro's

The Upper Cia-Aig Glen
     Another title would have been "Tested Before the Storm", because any sane person would have turned back. I parked near the Cia-aig waterfall. After a bit of a wait as I thought the rain might stop, I set off (in the rain) the route follows a nature trail and then a forest road high above the river, until the path emerges from the forest about 3.5km up Glean Cia-aig. The path from here is really quite sketchy and much bog-hopping must be done before the more obvious path is reached continuing under Sron a choire Ghairbh. I followed this to the col, the Cam Bealach. the wind was very strong blowing through the col like a wind tunnel. The amazing zig-zags lift you easily onto the ridge, however today the wind and rain made for a scary experience. I didn;t linger at the summit, I couldn't stand up!. I retraced my steps to the col and had a long think, whilst I wrung the water out of my Buff Mitts! I was reluctant to leave the other Munro unclimbed. I set off up the thread of a path and although the wind was still driving the rain in it didn't seem to bad. The going was relatively easy if rather steep and before long I was on the summit of Meall na Teanga. I would have liked to return by a different route but the wild and wet precluded this, so I returned by the same route. The burn which had to be crossed in upper Glean Cia-Aig had swollen quite alot in the few hours that had elapsed, but I was able to make a safe crossing. All that was left was the walk out which seemed even longer than the walk in! It managed to stop raining for about half an hour as i was approaching the car. there was probably none left in the sky, it had rained continuously for over 6 hours. I certainly felt like I'd earned these 2 Munro's, I think the approach from the east would be easier and the views better although I didn't get any so who knows.

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