Monday, 30 May 2011

Burnhope Seat

Burnhope Seat Trig
       A short walk across the border from Cumbria into County Durham. Taking my life in my hands there, dangerously close to Pieman country! We parked below the forlorn looking ski tows of Yad Moss and followed the towline up onto the broad plateau. This was damp underfoot to say the least, many detours were made to avoid the worst bits. The trig point is in County Durham but only by 20metres or so, it is unusual as its built on a large plinth with a couple of steps so that Marilyn baggers can surmount it with ease. Although it had been dry so far the weather was closing in over in the west, so beat a hasty retreat to Darn Gill. The old mine level marked on the map was found just as the rain came pouring down. A while sheltering under the road bridge and still the rain came down, so on with the waterproofs and as we set off back to the car of course the rain stopped.

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